Thursday Workshop: Read drafts, critique

This is a past event

5 people went

Jarrod's Coffee Tea and Gallery

154 W. Main Street · Mesa, AZ

How to find us

Usually in the back, look for a sign at our table

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Welcome to our Thursday afternoon meeting! Please bring 8 paper copies of a draft/chapter you're working on. Keep the draft under 2,000 words. We'll read the draft aloud and offer suggestions. First timers are always welcome. If you don't have writing to bring yet, still feel free to join us to read and offer critiques.

Leave a comment if you have any questions!


I'm not working on a "Novel" is it okay if I bring another type of writing?

Yes! Whatever project you have is great, screenplay, poetry, short story, non-fiction, whatever.

My writing is ____ genre, is that okay?

Yes! Bring your sci-fi, mystery, western, literary, or whatever genre you're working on. We will read it!

Do I have to RSVP?

Please always RSVP if you intend to share your work, or move yourself to "Not Going" as soon as you realize you won't be able to make it. You do not have to RSVP if you're just joining to read drafts and offer critiques.

I'm on the "Waitlist" what does that mean?

If you're on the waitlist, you're still welcome to join us just be aware we may not have time to read your draft, though we will try.

I'm afraid someone will hate my writing, what should I do?

Don't be afraid! Rough drafts are always rough. Nobody will be perfect. We're here to support you, which means pointing out the parts that are awesome and providing honest suggestions for improvement. You're welcome to ignore the suggestions or take it into consideration for the next draft. It's just feedback. No pressure.

I'm not good at giving feedback to others, what should I do?

Oh, sure you are! If you've ever thought "Wow, that movie was great, but I wish there was more of ___ and less of ____" then you know how to give feedback. You're welcome to provide as little or as much feedback as you're comfortable with. Easy stuff.

I'm uncomfortable with someone reading my writing aloud.

It's okay to read your own work aloud, but we will offer if you'd like one of us to do it. Hearing a friend read your work gives you the rare opportunity to understand how an outsider interacts with your story. Which sentences do they trip on? Is your 'voice' coming through? Reciting your own lines back is great, but consider using us as an opportunity to further support your journey to a fantastic final copy.

I want to attend but I don't have any writing to bring this time.

That's okay! You can still provide feedback. See you there!

I want to come but I have to leave early, is that okay?

Of course! Just leave a comment or let the organizer know when you get there.

I want to come but I will be late, is that okay?

No problem! Leave a comment on the RSVP page so we'll know when to expect you.

Is the group on social media?

Oh yeah! Join us and love us on all these fun platforms: