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Ours is a NEW support and community-building group for those interested in non-judgmentally, scientifically, and respectfully discussing and working on various forms of HARM REDUCTION for *any* kind of addictive issue. HARM reduction includes ABSTINENCE for many, or learning to moderate for others. And,

(watch this for information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVLo9N1CCwE - Dr. Andrew Tatarsky on Addiction and Harm Reduction)

for others, certain substances may benefit them from their point of view. Our group takes the fundamentally respectful aspects of 12 Step Programs that are proven to work, but that *rejects* the non-scientific, dogmatic aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous. We embrace the latest and most evidence-based approaches to determining your relationship with mind-altering substances. ALL OUR WELCOME. We are the pioneers. We are on the cutting edge. This movement is growing all over the world.

WE NEED EACH OTHER. Helping each other and learning in a respectful and FUN environment is one goal of this group. JOIN US, I, Jason Bennett, have lots of Meetup Organizer experience. And we're helping build world-wide, cutting edge movement.

In fact, the very founder of AA would be proud, I believe -- that are we leaving the dogmatism of step programs and KEEPING the best of it, and talking about what works for YOU. And sharing what has worked for others. And helping each other with commitment. For some, occasional marijuana use may be medicine. For others, it may be a harmful addiction. Come experience an environment where I will expose you to the latest science and emotional skills for dealing with substance use. And we'll have FUN. No speeches, sermons, lectures or rules. We come together recognizing supporting growth, fun, healing, medicine and consciousness is the goal.

For some this is abstinence; for others it means 6 drinks of alcohol per week; for others, it means doing Mushrooms with a Shaman. JOIN US for an environment where everyone is allowed your own journey. And we all help each other. The 12 traditions in AA are very helpful for us, as a guide for how to treat each other. TRY IT, it's the new wave....We'll have support group meetups...and socials...and, eventually, expert speakers.

Suggested Reading:

The Truth About Addiction and Recovery, by Dr. Stanton Peele
Over the Influence, by Pat Denning and others
Alcoholics Anonymous, by Bill Wilson and Others
HARM Reduction Psychotherapy, by Dr. Andrew Tatarsky

ALSO, YOUTUBE the above people and watch their videos and interviews. Youtube: HARM Reduction and watch interviews on that.

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