Karl Hughes Presents Incremental Software Development

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6PM-6:15PM: Gather and socializing, light snacks provided

6:15PM-7:00PM: Karl Hughes (https://www.karllhughes.com/) Presents Incremental Software Development

Software is never planned, built, and then left alone. The software we build is a constantly-changing body of work that needs to be useable and working every step of the way.

Incremental software development is a way of thinking. Applications are really groups of smaller modules and the individual pieces will be traded out over time as the application grows.

In this talk, you'll see:

Illustrations of how real projects at startups have grown and evolved as the business found its footing. How to test and design applications to ensure successful integrations between new and old pieces of an evolving codebase. Considerations for engineers and project managers who work on evolving or growing projects.


Karl is an engineering team leader currently building web applications as the CTO at The Graide Network (http://www.thegraidenetwork.com/). He also runs the open source organization JobApis.com (http://www.jobapis.com/) which helps make job board and company data more accessible.

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