Lightning Talks


Price: $5.00 /per person

Grand Circus

1570 Woodward Avenue · Detroit, MI

How to find us

When you enter the building, walk to the end of the hall. The elevator is on your right side. Take the elevator to the third floor, walk to end of hall (slightly to your right) and ask for which room Refresh Detroit is in.

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Here's your opportunity to present in a casual, friendly environment!

Members will have 5-10 minutes to present a fun, useful, and enlightening talk about a web project: coding, technology, design, user experience, development, project management, accessibility, tools.

It could be a story, lessons learned, design problem solved,something you're passionate about and want to share. Some ideas to spur your imagination:

• Automating your work

• UX prototyping tool

• Git

• Accessible dashboard

• Mobile navigation

• Working with clients

• Web performance monitoring

• Productivity tool

We're looking for 5 people to present. You'll have 5-10 minutes for your talk, keep in mind, lightning talks go by really fast!

You can choose to create a slide presentation, or not. Your choice! Note: you will be cut off at 10 minutes, so we recommend you rehearse beforehand.


6:30 pm to 6:40 pm: Welcome
6:40 pm to 6:55 pm: Introductions
6:55 pm to 7:00 pm: Info about Grand Circus
7:00 pm to 7:40 pm: Presentation and Q & A
7:40 pm to 8:00 pm Networking

Submit a talk

Comment below if you're interested in speaking, and include your title and short talk description. Or answer the question about speaking when you RSVP with your title and talk description. Approved talks will be moved to the description area.

Our Talks

The Nine States of Design - Vince Speelman

Modern UI teams are designing components first; Interfaces are merely the thoughtful composition of components. This leaves an often glaring hole for users on “the unhappy path” — the places where users may, intentionally or not, stray from your idealized flow.

As we learn to craft systems rather than pages, we must invest effort into shaping these often missed states of design and create with a component lifecycle that can support everyone.

Vince is a product-minded front end developer with a passion for the web and an addiction to shipping. Currently at TED, formerly at Bankrate, LevelEleven, Quicken Loans. Learn more about Vince and his work (

Quickly Setup WordPress Site - Deborah Edwards-Onoro

When you're leading an all-day workshop and have a room of 40 people wanting to learn how to create their own self-hosted WordPress site, you don't want to spend the entire morning getting their hosting set up.

Learn how you can set up WordPress in five minutes, without having to learn PHP, MySQL, or editing config files. You'll be able to set up two free sites, or if you're an agency, you can set up 12 free sites.

Deborah is a web designer who is passionate about usability and accessibility. She owns Lireo Designs (, a web design company in Canton, Michigan and previously worked at Washtenaw Community College, DTE Energy, and Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.

Venue and parking

Grand Circus is located in the Broderick Tower ( near Grand Circus in downtown Detroit. The entrance is on Woodward, through two gold-colored doors.

Once inside, go to the end of the hall, and take the elevator to the third floor.

Parking is available at the Detroit Opera House parking garage, located on Broadway. Parking is $10 (unless there's a special event). There's also street parking on Woodward and Washington Boulevard.

The Detroit Opera House parking garage is a short walk up Broadway and around the corner from the Grand Circus space. Here's parking information from the Broderick Tower website (PDF) (


Special thanks to our sponsor Grand Circus ( for offering venue space for our Refresh Detroit meetups!