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Going Mobile - Opportunities and Challenges

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Everyone realizes "mobile" is here to stay. Smartphones and tablets are not only being used by the traditional computer user, but a new set of under served users who have been living "mobile lives" for quite a while, and a new generation of user who thinks these devices are normal. There are so many opportunities to reach out to the mobile users and yet so many challenges. What platforms do we support? How "cross platform" can we really be? What technologies should we use? What do we computer professionals need to think about that we've never had to think about before? We'll discuss the challenges and present some case studies with respect to opportunities we've faced to date as well as project a bit of what we think we and others will be facing in the future due to the "mobile revolution".

Due to limited space, this event will be capped at 50.

Ken Auer is the founder and Master Software Craftsman at RoleModel Software (, a company that turns its clients innovative ideas into reality via its high-performance team of multidisciplinary software professionals. Ken began his software career in the 80s, and found himself as one of the early pioneers of using object-oriented tools and thinking in innovative, practical applications. In the 90s, he was a pioneer in the application of patterns to software development. At the turn of the century, he became a pioneer in the application of Extreme Programming and agile approaches to software development, co-authoring "Extreme Programming Applied: Playing to Win" in 2001. His impact to the craft of custom software development led to his invitation to provide the keynote address at the first Software Craftsmanship North America conference in 2009 where he was introduced as "the father of Software Craftsmanship." Ken is well known for mentoring hundreds of software developers and has been involved in dozens of real world custom software applications. He recently hired a new President of the successful company he founded in 1997, so he could focus on leading his team through the challenges and opportunities of the mobile revolution as it turns its clients innovative concepts into real value for their users.