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Real Estate Investors Association of NYC (REIA NYC) is not only a Meetup Group. Is a full Real Estate Investors Association combined with a Meetup group.

NOTE: Membership to REIA NYC means you are a active dues paying member of our association in good standing. Meetup members are not Association members.

We are the leading association for Real Estate Investors in New York City.

We are the only Official National REIA Chapter in the Greater New York Area and have been serving this area for more than a decade.

We meet the second Wednesday of every month at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan and we also hold Saturday seminars on different topics important to Real Estate investors of all experience levels.

Meet fellow people interested in MAKING MONEY in Real Estate in NY and Nationwide, even in today's market! We provide awesome networking and educational opportunities for all levels of investors, from beginners to seasoned professionals. All are welcome!

Point of Clarification: by connecting with the Real Estate Investors Association of NYC (REIA NYC) or joining our Meetup Group does not mean you or your company are MEMBERS of the Association.

We invite to join REIA NYC today. Go to www.REIANYC.org to become a full member of our REIA, not only our Meetup Group.

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Business Credit & Bagels™ with Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq.

Wealth Zone | REIA NYC Office


Business Credit & Bagels™ with Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq. The Workshop for the Fiscally Fabulous Womenpreneur CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: https://bizcreditbagels.eventbrite.com (MeetUp registration is not registration. Must register via link above) Business Credit & Bagels™ is an exclusive business credit and personal finance intimate workshop hosted by Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq., Founder of Generational Wealth Zone and the Enjoy Your Legacy Series! This workshop was created to engage, inspire and empower you with knowledge. INCLUDES: Complimentary continental breakfast with Bagels (Of Course!) Do you want money and credit for your business? ALL we are going to talk about is how you can obtain business success and credit for your company… This Seminar Might Be For You if… • You own a business or are thinking about starting one and are looking for cash and credit to start, build, and grow a thriving business • If you have ever been denied financing anytime in the past or think you might • If you want to obtain lots of money for your business that is not linked or reported on your personal credit and requires no credit check or guarantee from you • If you have or have ever had credit challenges or less than perfect credit This Seminar Might Not Be For You if… • You are looking for money to fall out of the sky without you doing any work to obtain it • You need $1 million dollars tomorrow • You are trying to obtain a bunch of credit with no liability with the intention of never paying it back • You are trying to build and sell bogus “shelf” companies that people don’t need Discover how to get financing for your business… WITHOUT Risking Your Personal Assets, Lowering Your Personal Credit Score, and eventually, without a personal guarantee. BONUS: All attendees receive Dr. Teresa’s Hot Report on “The 9 Most Devastating Mistakes Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Make When Financing Their Businesses …and How to Avoid Them” So get ready for lots of learning and fun! and of course Bagels!!! Presenter: Dr. Teresa R Martin is an Author, Million Dollar Real Estate Wealth Coach, Business Strategist, Legal Counsel and founder of Generational Wealth Zone. She is dedicated to showing individuals and entrepreneurs how to become financially empowered by turning the work they love into a profitable and sustainable business. In her events and with her clients, she reveals the secret to finding hidden money in client’s bank accounts through a simple mindset and business-model shift which quickly attracts new money.

MENTour™ Business Network for Men Monthly Online Focus Group

MENTour™ Business Network for Men - More Money. More Money. More Meaning Usining the Power of Networks and Leverage CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/358bf7126eb1a6c8dc2040ba88984b7b (MeetUp registration is not registration. Must register via link above) What: MENTour Business Network Group for Men When: First Thursdays @ 8 PM Where: Online (details emailed to members) Who: Men Who Are Members (or Interested in Becoming Members) of REIA NYC Cost: FREE (limited time) One of the greatest benefits of becoming an active member of Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors Association NYC (REIA NYC) is that you can attend any of our Focus Groups. MENTour is a network of men in business, fathers & husbands, young entrepreneurs & real estate professionals that come together to collaborate, share ideas, network and tour different cities empowering men. Project MENTour is geared toward empowering and educating men to build generational wealth in the areas of Financial Education, Personal Development, Real Estate Investing, Stock Market Investing and Business Ownership. Learn how to make money and efficiently plan and manage your real estate and finances with team support. We’re here to educate you and guide you to become financial gurus of your personal and generational wealth. MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE FOR THIS MEETING: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/358bf7126eb1a6c8dc2040ba88984b7b After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

WISE Women Invest in Real Estate

Zoom Online Meeting

Creating Your Own Fiscally Fabulous Real Estate Game Plan ... Your Strategy vs. Game Plan CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: https://eylwire.eventbrite.com (MeetUp registration is not registration. Must register via link above) There is a big difference between real estate strategies and real estate Game Plans. Examples of real estate strategies are flipping a home, buying wholesale, or buy and hold. A Game Plan, on the other hand, is the series of steps that are specific to you and customized to your goals, which also shows you how to implement those steps so that you can achieve your goals. Action Plan Our web series will show you how your custom Game Plan to help you prepare to invest in real estate. You will learn how to take full advantage of a "boots on ground" power team to help you prepare for your first (or next) investment property, and succeed as a Fiscally Fabulous Real Estate Entrepreneur. Power of Real Estate You are either on the side of real estate that is making you money or the side of real estate that is making some else money. The goal of each prospective investor is to be on the side that is make YOU money. “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.” -Andrew Carnegie There are three primary facets of the real estate equation that make real estate an incredible wealth building vehicle: 1) Real estate allows investors to “velocitize” wealth. 2) Each property has multiple profit centers. 3) Today’s incredible real estate opportunities. Some Topics include: • Business Credit & Funding • Creative Real Estate • No Money, No Credit • Partnering • Lease Options • Finding Your Power Team • Hot Properties | Hot Markets • Economic Patterns • Designing a Customized Game Plan • Creating a Wealthy Mentality • How to Increase the Purchasing Power of Each Dollar

Discover the Secret to Keeping More of Your Own Cash with Land Trusts

TRYP Times Square South


The National Expert on financial privacy and asset protection, Mr. Land Trust®, has agreed to deliver a presentation for us during which he is going to explain how protecting your assets can actually cut your cost of real estate investing. All you have to do is attend the meeting on Thursday, September 12 at 6 PM and listen! You’ll want to take good notes, too, because Mr. Land Trust® will explain to you how you can: • Make bigger profits when selling on an installment contract • Eliminate the risk of selling on a note or contract • Make more money when selling on a lease-option • Eliminate confrontations with tenants • Combine this one essential step with LLC’s for dy-no-mite asset protection • Avoid due-on-sale, transfer taxes, re-assessment upon sale and seasoning issues • Obtain privacy of ownership and avoid frivolous lawsuits Did you know that as real estate investors we can create financial privacy and asset protection at NO COST to us! That’s right, it costs NOTHING for you and your family to be more secure. Mr. Land Trust®, Randy Hughes, is just an investor like you and me. His “day job” is and has been real estate investing. He’s been doing it for more than 4 decades. Randy specializes in the single-family house business. When you listen to him reveal The Secret to Real Estate Privacy; The Cornerstone of Financial Security and ask him your questions, you’ll be talking with someone who understands you and your business. Please take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from a true professional who has been in the trenches just like you. Register Here Today! http://reialandtrusts.reianyc.com Randy has trained thousands of real estate investors. Here’s your chance to be part of this elite group. You’ll want to be there for this special presentation; NO ONE knows more about protecting your assets than Mr. Land Trust®. This is your opportunity to ask questions of THE EXPERT! To our success! Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq., Founder | Counsel Generational Wealth Zone | REIA NYC P.S. Everyone wants to talk to Mr. Land Trust®. Seven days a week he gets calls from people who are eager to learn from him. Here’s your chance to see him, live and in person! Take advantage of your opportunity NOW.

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