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What we’re about

Meet with people interested in Energy Healing,Reiki,Spirituality,Consciousness,holistic culture and community. Come to various activities in SF +East Bay to heal,learn,connect,play,dance,move,sound,work service projects,help design a better world, and create a community with a holistic model. Some activities that take place at gatherings are: -meditation -dyadic and small group sharing -bonding activities and sharing -learning about energy healing -receiving energy healing/energy healing exchanges -meditation -teaching -various activities undoing the toxic patterns of our culture that exist within us and our communities agreements and sentiments: -be true to your soul -feel your feelings -be in your body -treat others with honor and respect -harm none - notice your attachments -work on your issues -notice judgments -gratitude is the way toward happiness -love is the direction of all healing -act in right relationship with all things -think good thoughts Space is held with the belief that the group is greater than the some of it's parts. This means that each person is valued for the wisdom of their experience and that we all are teachers and students in life.