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Reincarnation Book Club

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Reincarnation Book Club


Join us for the Reincarnation Book Club. Dr. Elaine A. Hodge will discuss her book Past Lives Present Problems. It is a fascinating and hopeful book for those who are struggling with trauma or emotional pain and have had little success with conventional therapy. Dr. Hodge reveals her personal journey through trauma and struggles in her life and how she became free. She used her experience to develop a therapeutic approach called Inner Therapy which includes past life regression and allows a person to get in touch with their spiritual self.

Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, phobias, fear of death, financial worries or finding a meaning in life, past life regression therapy can help. The book details many examples of clients Dr. Hodge worked with and how they became free from whatever was troubling them.

The amazing part of this therapy is that you don't necessarily have to believe in past lives in order for the process to work. Past life regression is an incredible approach to allowing people to release themselves from their emotional bondage and have a life they could never have imagined.

This will be LIVE On-Line meeting and an interactive discussion. Dr. Hodge will share an exercise with us to open our consciousness.

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