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Are you tired of empty relationships that don’t go anywhere? Do you want to take your relationships to the next level of intimacy and connection? Your past, fears, or your self-worth can be holding you back from having the best relationships that you deserve.

If you feel like you don’t just need more advice because you’ve heard it all before, we offer you an experiential challenge that will stretch, exercise and push you to be the best that you can be!

This is a fun, therapeutic, and psycho-educational community focused on relationships, including dating, family relationships, sexuality, and mental health.

Through experiential activities, deep discussions, self-assessments and practical skills training with your peers, you'll learn the "secrets" to reveal your confidence, tune into your self, read others, handle stressful relationship situations, make healthy choices, communicate interest, and be a leader in your relationships.

These life-changing workshops can be fun, lighthearted, and healing, with discussions, games and activities to connect you with others. Our relationship education is based on empirical science rather than woo-woo, as you want guidance that is effective and works! However, we will also include discussions about spirituality as well, though anyone is free to participate regardless of their background.

The lead organizer, Dr. Thomas Luttrell, has a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a psychology professor at a local Christian university. (This is an experiential workshop, not a replacement for therapy.)

The co-organizer Hannah Luttrell has a Masters in Communications Management and is an associate producer for a non-profit television network based in Silver Spring, MD.

** NOTICE: **
This is NOT a dating/matchmaking service. We do not do speed-dating. We do not teach pseudo-scientific "pick-up" or seduction methods. We offer a professional-led workshop designed to create a supportive and helping *community* that happens to focus on relationships. Our relationship education teaches evidence-based skills and emphasizes whole-person self-improvement for greater relationship effectiveness.

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