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This group is available for sign up and membership under "Bout Me Healing/Relationship Coaching Group", Please sign up for our scheduled meet-up group at a low rate!

Please let me know if your interested, I am starting a local group meeting sessions at a very low rate.

Is your relationship in trouble? Is your partner struggling with addiction? Is your partner lying to you? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, I can help get your relationship on track. No doubt there will be challenges, but are you both interested in saving your relationship or marriage? I am professionally trained in a variety of modalities; my RELATIONSHIP coaching approach is determined by my client's preference and personal goals. Generally my approach is based on positive ATTITUDE and MINDFULNESS with a mixture of other modalities. My approach in coaching is from an empathetic, logical, person-centered and nonjudgmental perspective. My approach incorporates a persons focus and level of motivation for personal growth and a need to change. My style and principles are very active and solution-focused.
I work extensively with my clients to make changes of letting go and taking responsibility for their choices and actions in the relationship. If your relationship is in trouble with stress, financial issues, ADDICTION, and more, then I am the perfect coach for your marriage. Other modalities included are motivational strategies, and self-improvement focus. For example, my drama therapy is an active approach to facilitating inner change. Focused on storytelling, projective play, improvisation, and performance. The participants are welcome to rehearse desired or undesired behaviors and perform the change they wish to be and see in the world.

I specialize in relationships, depression, anxiety, addiction, co-occurring mental health and substance abuse problems, bipolar disorder, relationship issues, anger management, domestic violence, self-harm and hypnosis. The goals is to assist in need to develop healthy coping strategies, skills and improve mindfully by living one day at a time.

I take pride in coaching, counseling and the arts. More so, in developing a sense of self-worth. No matter what: uplifting the spirits of others. My goal toward establishing each individual's identity is in order to help heal each person with natural medicine and educating individuals whom acquire the mysteries of the mind.
My purpose as a relationship coach and licensed addiction therapist is focused on hopes to serve as an inspirational role model in human development and growth. I constantly strive to improve my communication skills and maintain my reputation as a role model, in doing so: I am an enthusiastic motivational speaker and mentor as an advocate for individuals of mental anguish. I am certain with a firm purpose and a single dream one can reach ultimate determined accomplishments, I have a firm purpose followed by a DREAM.

Steps and Plan to save your relationship.

1. Getting your relationship on track
2. Learning to be honest with yourself
3. Must be determined to make changes
4. Working together and individually Please text or email for more information.

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