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What we’re about

無論你係中環嘅上班一族,又或者平時活躍於中環嘅朋友,歡迎你加入慢活中環GROUP!這個群組將會帶給你另類生活的感覺,讓你從平日繁忙急速的生活節奏,可以慢落嚟,認識下新嘅朋友,享受下慢活中環嘅感覺。我地嚟緊會舉辦各類型嘅活動,例如運動,午餐或晚餐小聚,或者happy hour drinks! 我相信能聚集一班志同道合嘅朋友,齊齊放鬆一下。

No matter you are busy office professionals, business owners or someone who likes to hang out in Central, you are welcome to Relax Central! Relax Central will provide an opportunity for your to explore a more relaxing and rejuvenating lifestyle so as to slow down the pace of your life, and enable you to make some new friends. We are going to organize events, such as sports, lunch/dinner gathering or even happy hour drinks! I am sure we can be a united group of people who enjoys a relaxing life in Central. :)