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We are not like your normal religious study group in which we try to learn the "truths" of religion. We are people who are willing to question whether there are "truths" to be found in the various religions. Are the various sacred texts historically accurate? Are they inerrant? Is there anything worthwhile that you can learn from these sacred texts? Those are some of the questions that we try to examine! If you have those questions or similar ones, join us and let us learn together! We try very hard to respect the opinions of each participant! Not everyone that comes to this meeting come through the meetup program, so don't be misled if not too many are signed up - there will be others there. If you would like to be put on an email distribution list and from time to time receive resource materials and reminders, send an email request to greg@kcfreethought.org and please specify that you want to be placed on the Skeptical Religion Study Group list.

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