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April Testing Time! React-testing-library and!

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Sara M.


April is Testing Time!

Check out our agenda for the 17th April Meet up!
Volkswagen Digital Solutions hub in Lisbon will be receiving us just before Easter time :)

Talk 1
"End to End Testing Made Simple - Cypress.IO, React Stack"
by Ben Martin Smith

We all know we should be testing our code, Unit testing is the first place to start that, or maybe not? What if E2E testing was so simple that, thats all you need for full test coverage of your whole app. Is this the future of lean testing or just a pipe dream?

Talk 2
by Luís Rodrigues

Frontend test automation seems hard but it's only as hard as you make it. Are you bogged down by endless component tests and still not sure your application won't break? Let's hear the advantages of testing your frontend from the perspective of the people using it, and bust some myths about unit testing and the supposed convenience of shallow component rendering.

There will be snacks and beers so be ready for networking time!

Please check in as an attendee and don't forget to confirm if you're really going to make it (this help us assuring the best experience in our venue).

Volkswagen Digital Solutions in Rato will be welcoming us from 6.45pm.

Looking forward to have you all there :)

Rua do Sol ao Rato 11 · Lisboa