May is DB Migration Month and FP in React

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May is Migration Month!

Our host venue for May is FULL FABRIC and we'll bring company! We're gonna have two new speakers with new talks :)

Talk 1
"How we moved from MongoDB to PostgreSQL: a db wars story
by: Pedro Matos de Carvalho

In this talk I will talk about how at BEN we moved from a non-relation DB (MongoDB) to a relational DB (PostgreSQL). I will include references on how ended up having non-relational in the first place, why it made sense to shift to relational, our pain points, challenges and how we overcame them while having minimal impact on user experience/performance.

Talk 2
"Functional Programming with React JS"
by Marta Fernandes

Description: Many people say JavaScript follows the functional paradigm, others say it is object-oriented. The truth is, it is none of them but it can be written both ways. The Object-oriented style is more popular nowadays, especially when talking about ReactJS. That said, can ReactJS be written in a functional way as well? Let’s find out...

We look forward to seeing you there!
If you have any suggestion or question pls get in touch with the team!

Rua dos Remolares, 14, 3º Piso,[masked], Portugal