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This group is for everyone interested in ReScript (https://rescript-lang.org/).

We'd like to create a community around ReScript in Prague, where we could share the experience with each other via talks, discussion or just build awesome things using ReScript.

We are always looking for speakers. If you'd like to give a presentation, workshop or just show what a cool thing you built using ReScript, let us know!

Upcoming events (1)

[POSTPONED] ReasonML September Meetup - ReScript, Type discipline, Relay

Due to the latest covid development in Prague we decided that it would be responsible to move this event to some other time. We will let you know when we will know the new date.


This time we will have three talks instead of the coding dojo we usually do.

Join us if you interested in Reason or React development.

Talk 1:
WTF is ReScript
Antonín Simerský

Tonda will summarize all the news from the latest ReasonML and Bucklescript releases and talk about the rebranding of BuckleScript to ReScript (what that means and what can we expect in the future releases).

So if you are confused what ReasonML, OCaml, Bucklescript, Revery and now Rescript are and how they are connected this talk should clear things up.

Talk 2:
How Reason ML taught me to properly use TypeScript
Pavel Kepka

Pavel has seen quite a few TypeScript projects, including his own ones, which ended up with spreading of the magic "any" type across the whole application. After several months with ReasonML, he figured out what is the main cause of this problem. Unlike the real, strongly statically typed languages, TypeScript doesn't have any intentions to teach you how to think in types. In this talk, he'll show us, via examples, how well-designed language can help and teach you how to work with types. He's going to cover, during our journey, topics from type inference to state machines, and how to simplify these problems with proper type usage.

Talk 3:
ReasonRelay at Homewerk.co
Roman Schejbal

Roman is going to talk about ReasonRelay and also touch on how it differs from its alternative Apollo & GraphQL PPX in general. Thoughts presented in this talk are also translatable to JS/Typescript worlds. And if the demo-gods permit, we will also get into some live-coding since delivering a feature within ReasonRelay is like a walk in a park when having all the proper tools in place. And we think that's worth seeing.


Last but not least, huge thanks to OAK'S LAB for hosting us this time!

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