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Research for Marketplaces

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Swetha Sethu J. and Anja M.


Our next event is focussed around the specific research approaches and challenges when designing for a marketplace platform. Many thanks to our sponsor Just Eat for hosting this event and supplying food (of course) and drinks! :)

What is a marketplace you ask? A marketplace platform is a form of e-commerce that connects potential buyers and sellers all within one platform to help them rent, buy, swap or negotiate. As such, a marketplace has at least two user groups with opposite but hopefully complementing needs that the marketplace service should meet.

Below is more detail about the schedule, talks and speakers.

- 6:30pm: Doors open
- 6:30pm to 7:00pm: Networking
- 7:00pm to 8:30pm: Welcome, followed by Talks & Q&A
- 8:30pm to 9:00pm: Networking

***Talk descriptions below ***
1) Researching around conflicting needs for the UK's largest property marketplace, by Fabien Marry from Rightmove (@Fabien_UX)
Designing at Rightmove is a high-stakes act of balancing the interests of home movers, estate agents, and Rightmove itself. I'll share how research, collaboration and experimentation help us find (and ship!) the win/win/win.

2) What you could lose by sprinting, and how to get it back, by James Eyke and Naoil Sbai from Just Eat
At Just Eat doing research with restaurants is a crucial part of ensuring we provide the tools they need to manage and grow their business and get their customers the right food at the right time.
In 2018 we started running design sprints, and to maximise the amount of research we could do, we moved from doing in restaurant research to lab based research.
This talk will explore what we gained and lost from doing design sprints with lab based research. And the steps we’ve taken to replicate their environment within the lab.

3) Cause & Effect, When Design Erodes Trust, by Glen Broomfield from StepStone UK
When products are designed to meet the requirements of certain users, but not others, their misuse to accomplish goals often results in a breakdown in trust in another area of an ecosystem. A case study of how StepStoneUK is evolving the design of its products by getting a richer understanding of the problems they aren’t designed to solve.

*** Speaker bios below ***
Fabien Marry, Rightmove (@Fabien_UX)
Fabien is the Principal UX Designer for Consumers at Rightmove, collaboratively driving home movers' experiences. Beyond overseeing design and research, his role involves a large dose of collaboration and coordination, helping ensure UX, product development, and the rest of the company work together towards a united vision. Previously Fabien worked agency-side for cxpartners, Tigerspike, and Flow.

James Eyke, Just Eat (@eykej)
James is a Senior UX Designer for Just Eat in the Restaurant Empowerment team. Having originally worked as a researcher, he transitioned to design 5 years ago. Working first agency-side, before moving in-house. Along with pushing good design and research, James also works on bringing accessibility and inclusive design into everything he works on.

Naoil Sbai, Just Eat (@NaoilSbai)
Naoil is a Senior UX Researcher at Just Eat. Previously, she led UX Research at TUI and StepStone UK. Her biggest passion at work is for creating impactful research and inspiring successful research environments.

Glen Broomfield, StepStone UK
Glen is the Head of User Research and Product Experience for StepStoneUK, one of the UK's largest recruitment platforms which connects millions of people each month with jobs, work advice or the next steps in their careers. His background is in systems design and process improvement and is now studying for his Masters of Design in Service Design Innovation at the University of the Arts London, learning fresh approaches to service design for unforgettable, sustainable experiences.
Just Eat
2 Fleet Place · London
How to find us

Fleet Place House building is opposite the north entrance of the City Thames Link Station. Building reception should have a list of names. Then come to the 6th floor where the event will take place - auditorium is just outside the lift.

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