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The RGV Singles Adult Ministry (SAM) page is not affiliated with any church. It is NOT a dating or a hookup site. It is a group of Brothers And Sisters In Christ (BASIC).

A few of us single folks in our 50s recognize that churches are reluctant to invest their limited resources in singles over a certain age. They are also reluctant to invest in singles that have gone through a divorce though some of them do offer a Divorce Care program. So, generally speaking, if you are over 35 and are divorced, chances are that you feel left out in the events put together by a church. You are pretty much left on your own to deal with the brokenness and figure out the healing. No concentrated spiritual guidance or counseling to help you correct your thinking and fix dysfunctional behavior and so, most often, folks like me repeat the mistakes. Land in unhealthy relationships or situations.

Why are churches reluctant to invest in single again folks? Because with the limited resources available to any church their priority is on the youth and young adults that have still not embarked on the matrimonial journey of life. Understandably so. The rest of the church congregation that is already married typically does not include single gals or guys in their social plans plainly because they don't think of such friends or out of insecurity. Widowed individuals, single parents with children still at home due to young age (late arrivals) and, separated individuals often find themselves alone during the holidays. As well as on weekends. Many end up doing the bar scene. Many (self-included) give in to temptations out of loneliness knowing full and well that they are committing sins.

In all of this, one of the important lessons from the life of Christ is forgotten. Christ did not come for the healthy. He came for the sick and the poor. He came for the broken folks to heal their brokenness. So, this page is an effort to promote fellowship amongst single again folks, provide opportunities to socialize without the pressures of dating - typically, in public venues and in a group environment. Many single again folks are recovering from substance abuse and alcohol abuse. So, our goal is to minimize exposure to events where such temptations may arise. But, the socializing is just the first aspect of bringing folks together. The bigger goal is to seek spiritual lessons, study His word, seek counseling, serve the needy in the community, and, celebrate life.

One of our goals is to share events held across the Valley that we perceive to be single friendly. We also hold events such as game night, Bible Study, bowling night, etc.. We are also working on other events such as day trips, events where single parents can bring their kids, serving opportunities at local nursing homes, etc.. Single again folks typically have more time and resources at their disposal and yearn for serving and fellowship opportunities. Being around other believers in similar life stages is a huge emotional AND spiritual lift for them.

At some point, the goal is to also have seminars and classes on how to have a healthy relationship with the opposite sex and how to settle in marriage again for those folks that have a desire to do so. As The Bible says, not everyone is called or meant to be with a mate. Some of us are destined to be single so that we can fully dedicate our lives to Christ. Often we see a person divorce and remarry and divorce over and over again jumping from one unhealthy marriage to another or jumping from one toxic relationship to another. Why? Because they never took time to heal. They never made time to establish a rock solid relationship with God. They never accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. They never established a direct and personal relationship with Christ. They never received the psychological help needed. Our prayer is that the church will recognize these issues and find a way to make the healing available to broken spirits of the single again folks and heal the brokenness remembering who Christ came for.

I welcome your thoughts.

Pino Shah
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