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Drum Circle at Sam Ash Music Store Richmond VA
Hello Drummers, Attention: Hans Smetana will be stepping up to the plate and will continue to hold these wonderful Drum Circles at the store and possibly other drum circles as he sees fit, with continued interest from the group. I will be helping him during the transition. I will be playing a much lesser role, as it has been too difficult for me financially and time required, to continue attending them. So you are in very good hands with Hans and I hope others will lend their support in helping him with the Richmond Rhythms Drum Circle to make it even better than what it is now. Everyone should also be joining our Facebook Membership Page in addition to the Meetup membership that you already have. Facebook gives us more opportunities to get new members and extend a greater reach. It is my understanding that not everyone is on Facebook or Facebook familiar so to be fair to them we will be keeping our Meetup Group as well. The Sam Ash Music Store has provided a wonderful place to gather all Hand Drummers from near and far to share our Rhythm Spirit all year round. You Don't have to worry about it being too cold during the Winter months or too hot during the Summer. And if it rains, all the more reason you should come because whatever you were going to do outside is probably canceled now. They let us use their instruments in the store for you to enjoy. In the spirit of building community we all share a little about ourselves with the group before we begin. This way everybody gets to know one another and help foster better camaraderie among the group. We welcome new players with open arms, because everyone has to start somewhere, why not here. If you don't have a drum please come, because we will let you use a loaner drum at the store. So now there are no excuses for not coming or bringing a friend who is curious about playing hand drums. The members have played djembes, congas, doumbek, frame drums, bongos, and a lot more. And, every once in a while, members have been inspired to get up and dance and even sing. Please show up if you are going and if your plans change make sure you change them at the website, because everyone else is counting on you to be there with your smiling faces and your special rhythm spirit that you bring to the group. We play in the middle of the store so we always get new players to join in the Drum Circle. Arthur Drum Circle Organizer/Drum Circle Facilitator

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RICHMOND RHYTHMS DRUM CIRCLE Sponsored by: ( and ( A Professional Drumming Services for your Organization.

This is part of the group. This MeetUp will focus mainly in the area of Richmond VA but not limit it possibilities to enjoy drum circles in other parts of the state and beyond.

If you are on Facebook you should join our Facebook Group Page to make it easier to invite people who are not in meetup and allow us to extend and build our membership to more drummers. (

What's our group about?

Basically, it's playing and hand drumming. It's about meeting other like-minded people and making music. It's about sharing your inner Rhythm Spirit with everyone. We accept one and all--if you've never played before, if you've been playing for years, if you are a dancer and always wanted to try drumming, it's completely open. You can try a few different kinds of drums and shakers and bells. It's also about making new friends and creating a new family of friends. We are family friendly! Bring the kids along; hey, bring the Grandparents along too. All will have a good time--I promise

My name is Arthur and I am the Drum Circle Facilitator/Organizer Hand Drum Instructor for this group. I'm organizing drum circles from Richmond VA all the way to Virginia Beach. This website is for players in the Richmond VA area. We meet at least once a month at the Sam Ash Music Store. Sometimes we attend special events for charity, good causes like drumming with the physically handicap, Special Needs, Assisted Living Homes, drumming for the Cure for Cancer and Peace Movements.

So Join up by paying just $7 for a one year membership that lets you know where all the Drum Circles are. Paid member benefit include Discount to Music Store.

We will include as many Drum Circles as we find them too. There are Special one day events and multi-day Drum Circles to fulfill all of your drumming desires. This is where you will come to experience the incredible power of rhythms that transform your inner being. You can find out how to get Hand Drum Lessons ( or have a Drumming Party ( for your Celebrations.

Arthur Lopez

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