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The Denver Boarding Coalition was founded in Sep 2008 for the enjoyment of the snow, the mountain and good friends. Our main focus is to have fun and ride. This being said, we take our riding very seriously and when there is snow, we all know there is riding to be had.
Our group is mainly for the social networking of snowboarders. We spend time together driving to/from the mountain, sitting on the lift, partying, and after all the shenanigans while sharing the dreams of powder days. We have events and get together(s) that happen during the on/off season, that range from snowboarding in the winter to camping in the summer. Basically if you can think it we can do it, and we like to do it cheaply if at all possible; so if you have any ideas or suggestions [as long as they are constructive] we are all ears.
This group is predominately for snowboarders but it is overall for networking and enjoying the mountain so if you ski you are more than welcome on the slopes with us; show respect and respect will be shown. We strive to be Colorado's BEST snowboarding group.

So lace up, strap in and lets ride, remember you can only see the tip of the mountain, and there is so much more to explore!

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Upcoming events (2)

Happy Hour - Stoney's w/ Sand Dunes Trip Info & All-You-Can-Eat Wings

Stoney's Bar and Grill

This is the perfect time to meet new people, eat wings, learn about the Sand Dunes trip, and offer suggestions for future events.

Meters are free after 6 PM (last I checked)

About Stoney's Bar and Grill:

Food/Drink Specials:

Great Sand Dunes Trip (plenty of open spots):

9th Annual Great Sand Dunes DBC Trip w/ Sandboarding, Camping And Waterfalls

Great Sand Dunes National Park


What: Camping, Sandboarding and Waterfalls.

Why: Riding down a sand dune with a ramp is awesome! If it wasn't fun, we would not be on our 9th year doing this. If this is your first time coming out, everyone in this group will tell you that you should go!

When: The event starts Friday evening June 18th, most of us leave Sunday late afternoon but you can leave whenever.

Tentative schedule: Friday- Arrival and setup camp, Saturday - Morning breakfast at the dunes, ride the dunes, Sunday- Zapata falls

Where: We will camp on BLM land. Once you RSVP and pay the $5 we will send you the info.

Depending on the road this year, you might still be able to get a car up to where we are, but there is plenty of space to leave it down the road and have us pick you up. We need 4x4's (not an all-wheel-drive Subaru) to help with transporting people/gear to the dune on Saturday. There are NO facilities at the camp spot, so if you are expecting a plush bed with a shower and a toilet, this is not the trip for you.


Fees: There is a charge to enter the park, so please bring cash to chip in for the entrance fee. No exceptions. The meetup fee is to help cover propane cost and help keep the group running.

Things to do: There are bike trails, hiking, Zapata Falls, drinking, sand boarding, and of course camping. If you have a dirt bike bring that too, there are some awesome trails in the area.

Sand Dunes Essentials: SNOWBOARD (remove the wax if you can, the sand does not harm the board), Snowboard boots (bring old ones, you will get sand in them), lots of water, Sunscreen, Firewood if allowed (This firewood will be used by the group for everyone, please buy this before coming out as this will save a ton of money rather than buying it at The Oasis.) Hiking boots (there are and will be small cacti that will prick you), flip flops, food to grill or whatever you want to eat, Grill (if you don't want to use the provided one), beer or other beverages, long sleeve sweater and/or pants (in case temps drop lower than your comfort zone) Cell

Coverage: T-Mobile, AT&T and Cricket have been tested in this area to work fine but your carrier may vary. You should make sure you have the map saved before you turn off of highway 160.

More info: Updates will be posted below if needed, and emailed out to members. Some of these details may change, make sure you keep an eye on the comments and download the app so that you can follow the comments. We will also have a few happy hour events before this trip to provide additional information.

Past Sand Dunes Trips: http://youtu.be/JD__O7pntHo https://youtu.be/hyB09vvlnow https://youtu.be/llf0KhPzyzQ Help

Support the DBC by Donating: http://bit.ly/2LVO8MQ

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