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    I'm able to do some dirt rides now but I've been hesitant on posting much because Ive been inconsistent on how hard I can push my knee. I feel bad for not posting many rides this year and I hope that will be changing soon.

    RBD is a private coed group of Mountain Bikers 35 and up that love to ride bikes in the dirt, explore, have a challenge, don't approach the sound barrier and leave the dating scene in the night clubs. RBDers are serious about biking but not hard core, this is a social group and just want to have a good time. RBD does mostly beginner and intermediate level rides around the front range and stays together as a group during the ride, not too close but just right. After all, isn't that the point of riding in a group? If you are low drama and love riding in the dirt, give RBD a try. This group will also be limited to 300 members (15 per ride max) There will be rides year around, even in the snow!

    Notice: In the month of Feb I won’t be adding new members to the group because there may only be one or two rides posted. Instead, I will approve those who want to join in March. That way you can take advantage of the 90 day free trial period and actually join us on some rides before your trial period ends!

    In spring, RBD will do a beginner level ride (level 1-3) on Monday evening each week! Until day light runs out. The rides on the weekends will alternate between Saturday and Sunday and may be any level (level 1-7). The RBD Tech Session will no longer be done. Other days may be added but for now this is the plan. The goal is to ride a lot, every other or third day.

    Notice: There is a annual membership fee for covering costs of the group. The cost of membership will depend on the number of members in the group and there is a 90 day trial period at no cost. The cost will range from $1.00 to $5.00. The amount will be determined in December and posted on the home page. You are welcome to donate more then the membership dues and it will be used towards the group in some way. This group is not here to cater to each individual. This is a social riding group and you will need to adjust your riding to fit the group for that ride or ride on your own. The rides will have a difficulty level posted on it and a description of the level in the Message Board under the "Discussions" tab. If you are unsure after reading it, feel free to contact the leader of the ride to clarify. The rides are what they are. If you find the ride too slow, too fast, too easy or too hard, choose a different ride or ride with another group, it's that simple.

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