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Broken trust, broken lives, single parent, heartbroken kids? Is there any hope? Trust is the backbone of every fulfilling, successful relationship, so when you've lost that, your future chances of true happiness in relationships, creativity and even career, diminish. If you were not in constant emotional pain, if you could smile again and regain confidence, it would be much more possible to make a fresh start. In other words, if you could retain the wisdom from life experiences without the lingering crippling pain, that would be better, correct?

Maybe it's just you at stake, maybe there are kids involved too. What about their pain? Well, we can talk about that. But first let's see if we can dust you off and shake off some of that baggage so you can take a fresh look. Then we may have a look at who you should and shouldn't trust. I found scientific information that has been incredibly helpful to me personally and I wanted to share.

At our weekly meetups (currently being held online) we will talk about:

* The real causes for depression and PTSD.

* When to repair, when to walk away.

* Immediate drug-free relief from over-thinking, regret, sorrow.

* The single life, is it safer to be alone?

* What is compulsive cheating and is there a fix?

* Precise things to look for in choosing your ideal partner.

* Find out what can make love dangerously, even fatally compulsive.

* Learn about a do-it-yourself therapy with a 10-step technique.

* Why do people stay with someone who repeatedly lies and cheats?

* Three secrets of enduring friendships & relationships.

* Learn to identify (before it's too late) those who will destroy you.

* What about the little ones - TIPs for protecting your kids during emotional trouble.

Maybe you're a single parent now. In choosing a new partner, you don't have only yourself to consider. You want a safe, happy, complete home. And you want to set a good example.

There is a yardstick that measures who would be a successful relationship partner. You can use this and see who measures up. You can learn a unique, scientific yet creative, fun way to clarify your own goals for a perfect relationship partner. Just a warning, the majority of people who do this meet the partner they envisioned shortly after doing this exercise.

This group is sponsored by the Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Center.

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