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Rise Up For You is a company dedicated and passionate about creating change in the world through fostering personal and professional growth amongst individuals and companies. We’re here to help you become your best and continuously rise up to the next level. Through providing multiple educational resources, empowerment, and connection with today’s leading experts and global thinkers, Rise Up For You, provides various in-person courses, live events, online educational programs, motivational resources and practical tools fostering continuous positive growth. We put special focus on the six keys pillars of life: Relationships, Money, Self-Worth, Career, Love, and Health, so that you can build an overall thriving life.

Goals and Objectives

 Support and guide individuals on their personal journey to becoming their best self and rising up to the next level in their personal and professional life.

 Create a diverse platform for men and women where they can access various educational resources, feel empowered through online and live platforms, and connect with a larger network of like-minded people.

 Promote self-empowerment and growth as the WHOLE person through our six pillars to a prosperous life.

 Empower and foster more men and women to be emotionally connected leaders and changemakers so that collectively we can change the world and positively impact humanity.

 Empower and build up today’s men and women so that they can empower and build up today’s youth and future leaders.

You can learn more and receive a ton of free information at riseupforyou.com (http://www.riseupforyou.com/)

NOTE*** This group is for those who are serious about their life and ready to step into it at 1000%. Please join this group if you are ready to meet-up in person and network, connect, learn, and have fun! It is collaborative and truly focused on bringing individuals like yourself together so they can unleash their potential! If this sounds like you, GREAT! RISE UP FOR YOU!

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Build Your Dream Career and Align with Your Life Purpose

According to Gallup, 70% of workers do not like their career. Which means “most” people are unhappy for the majority of their waking hours! Whether you are struggling in your current business, ready to leave a corporate position to start something new, or searching for your life purpose, this event is for you! REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/build-your-dream-career-do-what-youre-born-to-do-not-what-youre-paid-to-do-tickets-72166900141 Join us and discover: ~How to build your dream career, that brings you purpose and prosperity ~ How to become a recognized authority, and build a business that feeds your soul ~Ways to get unstuck at work and break the auto-pilot mentality most of us have ~3 steps to get on track with your life purpose ~Why your life purpose is the ONLY thing that can keep you safe, secure and prosperous in the coming future REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/build-your-dream-career-do-what-youre-born-to-do-not-what-youre-paid-to-do-tickets-72166900141 Our Network Speaker Series focuses on bringing you education, empowerment, and connectivity with amazing expert speakers and like-minded individuals.

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