Spatial data and making maps in R (using sf and ggplot2)


Hi All

We are thrilled to have Emily Harvey back from the lightning talks to present a workshop using the sf package.


Having started using R for spatial data manipulation and analysis with the old sp package back in 2016, I was blown away by how much easier to use (and consistent with my tidyverse practice/code) the new sf package was, and have become a vocal advocate for it. In this workshop I will go through some examples of manipulating spatial data, and how to use ggplot2 to make pretty maps. This will be easier to follow if you have some familiarity with tidyverse commands (e.g. mutate, summarise, %>%, etc.) but I will explain these as we go for those who don't.


6:00 arrival for 6:30 start


Emily spent a bunch of years at university getting a PhD in Applied Maths. After this (and a couple of post-docs) looking at various physiological and biological systems using mathematical modelling techniques she moved to a small research and consulting firm in Takapuna called Market Economics. In the research team at Market Economics she does all sorts of things that could be loosely termed 'Data Science', 'Integrated Modelling', 'Statistics', 'System Dynamics', etc. and uses R when she can (most of her colleagues use Excel, but some are starting to use both).

** What to bring **

Laptops with R, RStudio installed.
Packages required: sf, tidyverse, here.
Arrive early if you are a beginner and would like help with your R install.

A huge thanks to Te Pūnaha Matatini at the University of Auckland for sponsoring food and drink.

As with all our meetups all levels of R welcome, from beginners to regular users. Our meetups are about sharing knowledge and inspiring others.

Please read the code of conduct before attending this meetup.