Creating reproducible analyses and reports with R Markdown

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• Title of talk •
Creating reproducible analyses and reports with R Markdown

• Speaker •
Claudia Kasper (

• Requirements •
+ A laptop with R and RStudio installed.
+ R-package RMarkdown (install.packages('rmarkdown’)) and ggplot2 (install.packages(‘ggplot2’) installed.
+ This is a beginner course. Having used basic commands in R before is sufficient, but no knowledge of markdown, latex or anything similar is required.

There will be internet access provided by the host.

• Who is Claudia Kasper •
I am an animal geneticist currently working as a researcher at Agroscope in Posieux, FR, where I work on breeding sustainable pigs. I started my career as an evolutionary biologist, first working on primates, then switching to humans and finally fish and house mice. In all of those systems I was interested in finding out more about cooperation, the social structure enabling it and the genetic basis of this fascinating biological phenomenon. My research is strongly centred on statistics for which I am using R. Having used Mathematica in the beginning, I was missing a neat way to organise my R scripts and to make reports of my findings. After a lot of frustration and literally days of copy-pasting R output into Word documents I discovered RMarkdown a few years ago and I have been using it ever since. Apart from having neater scripts, I ‘knit’ reports of my results as Word or PDF documents, but also presentations and I am trying to do a webpage with RMarkdown. In my free time I play improvisational theatre in Bern in a group which I co-founded.