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Campus de Campolide 1070-312 Lisboa · Lisbon

How to find us

To access the Nova IMS building, you can go through the Nova BSE building.

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Mais uma vez as R-Ladies Lisboa juntam-se à Nova IMS para organizar um meetup focado em Data Science e em R.

Teremos connosco dois oradores:
- Sofia Carvalho - Data Scientist at Nokia, PhD, MASt, Eng
- Jan-Benedikt Jagusch - Data Scientist | Teacher | Public Speaker

Todas as apresentações serão feitas em inglês.
Once more, R-Ladies Lisboa and Nova IMS get together to host a new meetup focused in Data Science and R programming language.

We'll have with us two speakers:
- Sofia Carvalho - Data Scientist at Nokia, PhD, MASt, Eng
- Jan-Benedikt Jagusch - Data Scientist | Teacher | Public Speaker

All presentations will be in english.

== Presentations and bio's ==

*1st presentation*: "Estimating customer satisfaction" by C. Sofia Carvalho - Data Scientist at Nokia, PhD, MASt, Eng

The speaker will present a basic, systematic formalism to estimate the satisfaction level of customers, given data on the used service and the corresponding reply to a customer survey. The formalism is tested with different levels of feature engineering, different variable selection methods and different sampling methods. The formalism also includes the derivation of the achievable target, which can be translated into business intelligence in support of target negotiations with customers.

Speaker's short bio:
Sofia is a physicist and data scientist at Nokia, having a PhD degree from Cambridge University and 12 years of postdoctoral experience. Her research activity has covered topics of both theoretical physics and applied mathematics, ranging from the construction of mathematical predictive models to signal processing and data analysis, from cosmology/astrophysics to genetics/proteomics. Sofia has also worked as a consultant and software designer.

*2nd presentation*: "The Untold Story of Prof. Oak's Research Intern - Bringing Powerful Data Visualization to the World of Pokémon" by Jan-Benedikt Jagusch - Data Scientist | Teacher | Public Speaker

No matter if you are a data scientist or a Pokémon researcher: powerful data visualization can tremendously help you in making your colleagues, supervisors and clients understand and acknowledge your work. In Jan's talk, we will travel to Prof. Oak's laboratory in Pallet Town, where he will apply ggplot2 visualization to the world of Pokémon. We will be guided through all steps involved in creating stunning plots, such as choosing palettes, customizing themes and exporting results.

Speaker's short bio:
Jan is a Master student in Information Management at Nova IMS as well as assisting teacher of Master-level courses in Text Analytics and Decision Support Systems. He's an active member of the Genetic Programming research group, where he develops evolutionary operators for Neural Network topologies. Jan serves as president of the Nova Analytics Group – a student association on campus – where he applies Data Science to public projects and student competitions.