Gold star reproducibility: containerisation with open-source tools

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Hi Everyone! Here is the first of our two events in September!

Our speaker will be Saras Windecker, who will tell us about reproducibility and containerisation in R.

Research using R underpins a wide array of applied decision-making. Growing recognition of irreproducibility of results produced using R raises concerns about the credibility of research and the reliability of decisions they inform. Although there are many aspects to reproducible research, one major problem is the basic lack of computational reproducibility of published work – or the ability to rerun an analysis and reproduce the same results. There are many strategies for improving computational reproducibility, such as clear code structure, functional programming, and version control. Besides these tactics, however, we often find that analyses that reproduce on one machine or in one environment do not run in another, or do not run in the future. This problem is related to changing computing environments and software versions, and can be addressed using containerisation. In this talk, I will introduce containerisation and its implementation using an open-access R package. This introduction should be accessible to those who have never heard of or used containerisation before, as well as those who already actively use services such as Docker for containerisation.

Saras Windecker is a Research Fellow in Ecological Modeling at the School of BioSciences, University of Melbourne. She is currently working on spatial risk modelling for Buruli ulcer in Victoria, and is more broadly interested in applied Bayesian hierarchical models, forecasting, and open science.

Saras' talk will be hosted by our fantastic sponsor Zendesk. Pizza and drinks will be provided for the evening. Please arrive any time from 5:30pm for a 6pm start.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

R-Ladies Melbourne