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Data Science as a Team Sport

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Hello RiveRside!

Join us for our next virtual meeting of learning and networking, Thursday, December 10th, at 5:00 PM (PST). We will hear from Gabriela de Queiroz, founder of R-Ladies and AI Inclusive. Gabriela will tell us about her career journey, as well as the many different roles a Data Scientist may have.

At the end of the meeting, there will be time to ask any questions you may have about data scientist careers or questions about R in general.

Don't forget to RSVP in our Meetup to get access to the meeting's ID and password.

Big thanks to UCR Library and UCR GradQuant for supporting us.

See you soon!

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~ Data Science as a Team Sport ~

Data Science careers are in high demand, with many job opportunities and attractive salaries. As a relatively new career, it is ambiguously defined, and the job description of a data scientist can vary greatly from company to company. For those reasons, Data Science has attracted both new grads and career changers from all sorts of different fields. For Statisticians, Data Science is an exciting opportunity to apply your hard-earned skills to a variety of interesting and challenging problems. Having a solid Statistics background will give you a head start in that direction. However, Data Science is much more than pure Statistics knowledge. Being able to recognize and take advantage of a team with a diverse set of experiences will provide you with a unique opportunity to grow individually while benefiting your entire team. In this talk, I will walk you through my career journey, the different roles a Data Scientist can take, useful skills for a successful career, and lessons learned.

~ Bio ~
Gabriela de Queiroz is a Sr. Engineering & Data Science Manager at IBM where she manages and leads a team of developers working on Data & AI Open Source projects.
She works to democratize AI by building tools and launching new open source projects. She is passionate about making data science available to everybody and is actively involved with several organizations to foster an inclusive community.
She is the founder of AI Inclusive (, a global organization that is helping increase the representation and participation of gender minorities in Artificial Intelligence. She is also the founder of R-Ladies (, a worldwide organization for promoting diversity in the R community with more than 180 chapters in 50+ countries.
She has worked in several startups and where she built teams, developed statistical models, and employed a variety of techniques to derive insights and drive data-centric decisions.
She likes to mentor and shares her knowledge through mentorship programs, tutorials, and talks.
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