Past Meetup

sign Waving Burma Shave style protesting Government run healthcare


Hello my fellow Americans!

I know this is last minute but I am looking for volunteers in Lee County Tuesday June 30th.

Heres the deal. Government run healthcare is being rushed through for approval. Legislation is suppose to be on the floor by the end of July and several committees are meeting this week. Its important that we get the word out that Americans DO NOT want government run healthcare.

June 30th- Sign Waving Burma Shave style.
2 locations (need 4-6 people for each location)- 41 and College Pkwy, Cape Coral Pkwy and Del Prado. 4-6PM
One point person for each group will pick up the signs from me Monday night.

Lets make it happen! Bring a friend, family, co-workers!
Please help out!

"The most important role in a Republic is citizenship." - Ronald Reagan