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What we’re about

We are a group of road cyclists enjoying challenging rides, experiencing new routes and having good times together. Rides are categorized as;

  • Social (20-40km, 20kph on flat, 18kph on hillier routes)
  • Intermediate (30-60km, 24kph on flat, 22kph on hillier routes, some paceline riding, hourly stops)
  • Strong (40-80km, 28kph on flat, 25kph on hillier routes, paceline riding, infrequent stops)
  • Advanced (50-100+km, 31kph on flat, 28 on hillier routes, paceline riding, infrequent stops)

We do not host beginner rides since our sister group VBMG  hosts these types of rides. Our bikes are human powered. No e-bikes please.

Road bicycles are mandatory for the benefits they provide, which include skinny tires for less road friction as well as higher gear ratios and aerodynamic rider positioning. These benefits will assist the rider in maintaining a higher speed over a longer distance than other types of bicycles.

After become a member this waiver needs to be signed and handed to the ride leader on your first ride.

Group rules:

  • If you have misjudged your capabilities and need to leave the ride for that or another reason, please inform the ride leader.
  • Be courteous and obey the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act, which includes wearing a helmet.
  • Use charged lights for all rides after dusk.
  • Warn following riders about hazards (pot holes, passing cars, etc.)
  • Carry tools and tire repair supplies, suitable for your bicycle.
  • Carry a drink and nutrition for longer rides.