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Dexter is a fully open source project from Haddington Dynamics; a robotic arm with multiple design innovations and stunning performance:- Precise: Better than 50 micron repeatability irrespective of load, over 1 Million positions around each joint with 3D printed encoders and A2D.- Fast: Active response in 200 nanoseconds / 5 Million times a second allows programmable stiffness. - Strong: 1kg load capacity at 1 meter via harmonic drives and differential drive joints- Tough: 3D printed parts act as scaffolds to hold structural carbon fiber and steel in place while epoxy cures.

The arms physical design, electronics, and firmware are stable and amazing. The need at this point is for applications programming and debugging the development environment. The brilliant designers of the Dexter Development Environment (DDE) are adding features at a stunning rate, and are several releases ahead of any real use or testing. To help correct this, we want to host a session where people can bring their laptops, having downloaded and learned a little about DDE, then try running their programs on the actual arm.

To participate, please:
- Read up on DDE at:
- Download and install DDE from:
- Try the example programs using the built in arm simulator
- - On the Jobs menu, change Simulate? to true and select "Real time sim" (note: do not click the menus, just mouse over them)
- - In the lower right window, set Sim to All.
- - Insert an example (Jobs / Insert Example) or write code in the Editor window.
- - Click Eval below the editor window (you must /always/ Eval any code to make it active or incorporate changes.)
- - Now click the job name to make the simulated robot do that work.
- Bring your new programs to the event, and try them out on the real robot.
If there is interest and we see some good programming, we will schedule a second meeting with a competition to win a Dexter kit to be built in regular group meetings and when finished, the winner / build leader will keep it.


The main door of the building closes at 6:15pm, if you come after that time, please call Hansol at[masked]