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September 5, 2022 (possible additional dates, limited to September 5-10, 2022)
In-person Rogers City MI Intuition and Psychic Readings Circle.

Do you know if you are intuitive? (Spoiler: EVERYONE is, ALL the time. . . )
Do you know how the mechanics of your personal intuition behaves, exactly? Would it be helpful to know?
Has anyone ever called you psychic, and, maybe they were joking. . . maybe they weren't?
Have you ever wanted to talk to a real psychic. . . without worrying about being told something you don't want to hear?
Have you been told psychics are fake? Would it be intersting to know how to tell if a psychic (or your own intuition) is genuine?
Would you like to know what to watch out for when deciding whether to trust your (or someone else's) intution? There are tips and ways, and also pitfalls and cautions.

Minimum 4 participants.
Limit 6 Participants
Cost $25.00 per person.
What you'll get:
Aria Norman, a full time, professional, highly ethical psychic will lead the circle, and give each person present a clear description of each individual's personal inuition (everyone's is different). She will also give brief psychic readings, at least one per participant, time permitting.

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