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**NOTE: This is a rescheduling of the previous Meetup Event which was canceled due to store scheduling issues.** • What we'll do This is the Savage Worlds get together at Tribe Comics & Games with the goal of increasing the Savage Worlds presence in Austin, Texas. Want to learn the system or run a game? Come on down every first and third Saturday and let's get Savage! This month's theme: Darkest Dungeon! Part Four: The Darkest Dungeon Baron Arkham was the owner of a vast sum of land. Wealth, fame, and glory were all his and the Arkham family flourished. That is until Baron Arkham discovered texts hinting at a buried hidden realm beneath his family mansion and soon his obsession outgrew his desire for fame and wealth. Using every last coin of his fortune he hired crew after crew to dig and discover his lands until, one day, a breakthrough opened something that should have remained sealed. Some evil that hungers in the darkness deep below. The Baron escaped and wrote to his nearest relative before putting a flintlock to his head. Now, Baron Arkham’s relative and Caretaker has hired you to delve deep into the Darkest Dungeon and free his family lands from the unspeakable evils within… Previously, on Darkest Dungeon: It has all come down to this! The Darkest Dungeon awaits and evil hungers for those brave enough to take it on... Pregens provided! New players welcome! • What to bring Dice and paper • Important to know No experience in Savage Worlds needed. This meetup is intended to teach new players the rules and for veteran games to have fun.

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Roleplaying Games! Indie, D&D, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, d20, d6, GURPS, WoD, HARP, Serenity, that crazy homebrew system, did I mention D&D. We are an open and friendly group. Players of all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome.

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