What we're about

This is a Toronto based inline skating and roller skating group exclusively for females . We host a variety of events for female skaters of all levels, including beginner friendly fixed location events for skills practice, trail events, and some street skating.

Who are we and what do we do?
We're 'babes' who roll! We inline skate and roller skate all through the city :)


  • Trail skating
  • artistic skating
  • tricks
  • urban skating


  • Outdoor ice rinks (summer)
  • bike & recreational trails
  • city streets

Event Style (trail & urban location):
Events will begin with a short (~5 min) "meet and greet" and then we skate! Please be prompt as to not risk missing the event.

Event Style (fixed location):
Events will begin with a "meet and greet" and then we skate! Feel free to bring cones, chalk, a speaker.. etc.

Member Requirements and Courtesies:

  • Members must be 18 +
  • Please ensure the event you've signed up for is appropriate for your (and your guests) skill level. All levels are welcome at fixed location events.
  • Please be on time for events
  • You are responsible for your own protection. Helmets and wrist guards are strongly recommended, and wear the necessary protection for the activity and your skill level (knee pads, elbow pads, hip protectors etc...)
  • Pets (dogs or others) are not allowed
  • As this is a women's group male guests are not permitted

Past events (4)

Annual Toronto Bladers day 2022 (meet, greet and roll)

Needs a location

Beginners Casual Roll at The Bentway

Needs a location

Lake skate: Humber bay to the Boulevard Club

Needs a location

Pre-Season Meet & Skate!

Needs a location

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