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The Ultimate Remedy Radio Show
The Ultimate Remedy, America's Road Home Show discusses personal freedom and state sovereignty matters. Learn how freeing yourself, freeing your family, and freeing your countrymen can lead to restoring your natural rights and taking back control of your state republic and, through it, the Union. The show airs Tuesdays from 6:00 to 8:00 PM on Studio "A", or on Revolution Radio on your App.

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Thank you for your efforts thus far in the American Freedom Movement. Ron Paul has blazed a trail for us in the wilderness, and we are only now awakening to the daunting task of reclaiming our precious freedoms. While the Ron Paul campaign has ended, the larger effort of guiding this country ahead along the narrow and perilous path is only just beginning. As the alternative paths lead only to tyranny and destruction, we will not rest until a beacon of freedom has illuminated every mind, until every unheeded voice has been heard, and until you and I can freely trod upon land our forefathers struggled to liberate for their posterity.

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