Sandra C.Sandra C.

Sandra C.

Assistant organizer


Bartlesville, OK

Joined group

Jun 27, 2007


Bartlesville R3 here! Grassroots networking is my specialty. Visit for more info.

What drove you to become politically active?

My parents set a good example and taught me at an early age fighting federal aid to education from the getgo! I helped on Ron Paul's first Congressional race and knew even in the Reagan years that he was going to put big government on a diet!

Are you a registered Republican?

Yes, I am a longtime Republican activist (since the Reagan years) still working on getting the party to walk the talk!

What special talents, skills or resources do you bring to the group?

I've been around the political process for a while - first in Texas and now in Oklahoma. I serve as a Republican Precinct Chair in Washington County (Oklahoma) and was an Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention in Tampa in 2012.

What types of group activities would you be most interested in participating? Some examples are sign making, sign distribution, rallies, marches, door-to-door canvassing, telemarketing, GOP events, trade shows, festivals, and socials.

I am working on Oklahoma public policy matters with OK-Safe, grassroots networks with OKgrassroots, and state networks via Constitutional Liberty Coalition. Will support Tulsa efforts to the best of my abilities and provide links and information.