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Greetings My Fellow Ron Paul Republicans

As many of you have heard, we are trying to return the Republican Party to its founding principles of Limited Government, Lower Taxes, and Personal Freedom. This has proven to be a little harder than we first thought.

But right now there is a special opportunity for us to gain membership into the Orange County Republican Executive Committee. Once every four years, you can sign a form from the Supervisor of Elections office that virtually guarantees you full voting rights within OCREC. Previously you had to attend 3 consecutive monthly meetings and hope that Chairman Lew Oliver liked you BEFORE you even had a chance.

Now we can bypass this cumbersome process. Simply come by the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on the corner of SR 50 (Colonial) and Bumby, meet us in the Cafe and sign the form. Gabrielle Pohle will then notarize it and we'll file your form with the Orange County Supervisor of Elections. This way, we won't be blocked from membership by Chairman Oliver.

What Is The Bottom Line?

With our superior grassroots activist base, we can vote out liberal Republicans (RINO's--Republicans In Name Only) and install CONSERVATIVE LIBERTY LOVING Board members. We can then build the Orange County Republican Party into a great organization that will help elect candidates who will govern just like the US Constitution allows! No longer will candidates need to be beholden to corporate special interests. Instead the county party will back them with an already existing STRONG grassroots network. We can do this.

Please, please don't put this off. There is a lot of planning that is going into this. We need time to check and recheck forms before submitting them to the Orange County Supervisor of Elections.

Once you sign the form, there is nothing more you need to do until the first week in December 2008. It is then that all existing officers of OCREC will be dissolved and have to run for reelection. Then we will vote in candidates of our own that will support the core principles of Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and Ron Paul. This will set off the REAL revolution that we have all worked so long and hard for.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer
call me at[masked] if you have questions

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