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This group was first started by Jim Azzola in 2008 to promote the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign. The group is composed of campaign veterans from the New Hampshire Ron Paul Campaign in '08 and '12 and Rand Paul's 2016 presidential bid. We want to thank Jim for keeping it alive all these years.

In February of 2007, the current organizer of this group brought Ron Paul to NH and introduced him to 400 of her friends at a 'tea party' in Pembroke NH. That night they raised $25,000 for Ron, thus convincing him to run for office. The "Ron Paul Teaparty" was born! Later we joined with Ron Paul supporters in Massachusetts and officially launched the first modern teaparty at an event held in Boston on December 16, 2007, whereas December 16th was the date of the original historical tea party.

That day, liberty lovers all over the USA symbolically tossed boxes of 'tea' into lakes and ocean harbors, including Ron Paul himself in Lake Jackson, Texas where he lived!

NH continues with its teaparty, a strong network of non-partisan, liberty-minded groups that focus on issues (rather than elections or parties) affecting all of us from local to federal.

Feel free to discuss all issues in a civil and polite manner on our message boards and mailing list.

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