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What we’re about

Welcome Sporting enthusiasts! Have you ever watched the Olympics and seen these uber-fit athletes moving a boat over water, like its flying through air? Have you ever watched the movie "The Social Network" and thought, "Oh, so that's what rowing is". Have you ever given credence to the idea of giving the sport a shot?!

The goal of this group is to both find and coordinate with individuals interested in joining our Adult Rowing Program at Lake Natoma, titled Capital Masters Rowing. The boathouse is located off the Hazel exit of HWY 50, and offered through the Sac State Aquatic Center. We hold organized practice times during the week - T, Th @6pm and on the weekend - Sa @7:15am, and provide opportunity for many extra-curricular activities throughout the year including team breakfast, practically mandatory post-row coffee sessions, and weekly happy hour, This group would offer organized opportunities to come out for a practice, or to a social event and meet some of the incredible individuals on the team. All of whom vary in age and ability, and yet are captivated by the pursuits within the Sport.

Their are two differing "positions" in rowing.

For those less motivated by the strength building component of the sport(as I once was as a 125lb, 17 year old), and who want to exercise leadership and skill in a team based environment. The role of 'coxswain' is of vital importance to the success of the crew. They are in control of the boats rudder rather than an oar, and similar to a ship's captain, they execute the verbal commands in the sport. The position is so rare, outside of those with historical experience, that our club would subsidize any costs incurred by joining the team for individuals who pursue this path. Being smaller in stature, although not a requirement, is an advantage. Former Sac State Aquatic Center patron and Olympian Mary Whipple talks about winning as a coxswain ->
A link to an exciting example of a race recording can be found here ->

For those who are singularly motivated by the fitness components of the sport, and who want to learn what it takes to make a boat glide on top of the water at high speeds, while competing with and against other like-minded individuals, the role of 'oars(wo)man' is a worthwhile endeavor to pursue. Being larger in stature, although not a requirement, is an advantage. Our club will look to build on your skills, whether non-existent or out of this world, so that you too can experience the beauty of the sport in motion.

We would love to get you into a boat, ASAP. Cheers!