What we're about

This is a group for CCGs, RPGs, and Wargaming in Manhattan. This group meets every week and is administrated by a serious RPG and Wargaming expert.

Beginners are encouraged to join. You can get free CCG, RPG, and Wargaming tutoring at any of our events.

Our events are located in Midtown Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, and in Queens.



Hi. My name is Erik. Thank you for becoming a member of this group. This should be a fun adventure. I am going to be a Dungoen Master for this group. I have spent many years as a mathematician and computer scientist specializing in Japanese and Indian mathematics. I have also spent many years teaching religion in classes in Manhattan, New York and online through distance learning programs. I have taught classes and given lectures on Norse Mythology, Polynesian Religion, East Asian Religion, and other religious and historical topics. Currently, I am also a Kung Fu instructor in Manhattan's China Town and Manhattan's Korea Town. I use my knowledge of religion, history, and mathematics in the campaigns that I produce and run. I have very intelligent and unique perspectives towards role playing and have studied role playing games for over 20 years! Please join me in the adventure of role playing games, CCGs, and table top games.


The CCGs, RPGs, and Wargames!

This is a list of all the CCGs, RPGs, and Wargames this group hosts. If you do not see your favorite title on this list, send a message. We can add other CCGs, RPGs, and Wargames on to the list as is necessary.

• Dungeons and Dragons (All versions)

• Magic The Gathering

• Netrunner

• Star Wars (All versions)

• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (All versions)

• Ultimate Combat

• Warhammer (All versions)


How to register for campaigns and tournaments:


This group has 3 different styles of RPG, CCG, and Table Top sessions:


(Only 10 active registrations allowed per campaign!)

This is any storyline that is going to take more than 1 session to complete. Typically campaigns are going to run until all of the player characters have either died or have finished the campaign objectives.

Flash Sessions

(Only 10 active registrations allowed per flash session!)

These are ideal for beginner players. These are RPGs, CCGs, or Table Top sessions that are going to be completed the same day that they begin.


(Only 30 active registrations allowed per tournament!)

Tournaments are going to be Campaigns and Sessions where players are ranked and a prize is going to be given to the winning players.

The current registration cost for Campaigns, Flash Sessions, and Tournaments is free. You need to register any character, deck, or army with an official Manhattan RPG, CCG, and Table Top Dungeon Master though. All characters need to be produced and rolled in front of an official group Dungeon Master. All decks need to be checked and approved by a group Dungeon Master. All armies need to be checked and approved by a group Dungeon Master. This is to ensure that characters and stats are not altered and that characters are using their actual rolled stats and not illegally inflated stats. When the group has more members than space to play, there is going to be a cost of $10.00 a character, $10.00 a deck, and $15.00 an army for registration. Every group member gets to register 3 characters and 1 army for free. You do not have to pay for sessions as long as you are using a registered character, or army, that has not died. Characters can not be reused or reregistered after they die. Armies and decks can be reused, but need to be reregistered and renamed, after they are defeated in battle.

Usually, we are going to give at least 3 months notice prior to beginning any campaign. You need to register for the campaign via meetup. If you are absent from a session during a campaign, you either are given a loss for that battle, or your character is said to be in a limbo and remains in place until you return. If you do not return for 3 Meetups in a row, your character dies. You are not allowed to reuse a dead character.


Characters: FREE (There is currently no cost for registering Characters with this group.)

Armies: FREE (There is currently no cost for registering Armies with this group.)

Decks: FREE (There is currently no cost for registering Decks with this group.)


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