Plant propagation - beginners

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Growing plants is one of the most rewarding and challenging hobbies around. What makes the plants we will grow even more meaningful is that they will contribute to building an ecological corridor between Table Mountain and Bonteheuwel.
At this training event we will show you how to grow three to five important pioneer species that we use to start a Fynbos patch after removing alien vegetation. When your plants are fully grown (3-5 months), you will return the adults and we will plants them out at one of our priority sites for the year, either along the Liesbeek River or in Athlone and Bonteheuwel.
Bring along:
1) recycled ice-cream containers, cooldrink bottles, milk bottles, and so forth to make plant pots
2) garden cutters or scissors you are will to cut plants with
3) gloves if you don't like soil on the hands
4) some lunch to share afterwards (optional)

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