Infinum JS Talks #15

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Here we go again! We hope you had a nice rest during the holidays and that your batteries are fully charged.
Mark your calendars and join us for the very first event this year at Infinum!
This time we'll talk about React Hooks and a combination of .NET and WebAssembly.

React Hooks
Adrian Bićanić - JavaScript Engineer, Infinum
-> A short introduction to React Hooks - a new feature in React library. Find out which problems are they trying to solve, and how to use them.

Web Assembly + dotNET = Blazor
Dobriša Adamec - Solution Architect, CITUS
Marko Lohert - Senior Developer, Ekobit
-> In this talk, we will speak about a combination of .NET and WebAssembly. Razor and Browser. Microsoft's experimental UI framework called Blazor. We’ll show you the web application with client-side code written in C# executed in a browser via WebAssembly!

Worry not, muffins and beer will be there. Will you?