[Sponsor Workshop] Trump vs. H-1B: Work Visas in the New Era

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If you are a current H-1B visa holder, a foreign student on OPT or an employer sponsoring a work visa, this workshop is for you. The 2017 H-1B season was like nothing we had seen before, with a deluge of unfounded objections from the government. Even people who’ve had H-1Bs for years are now facing challenges when extending their visas or changing employers. Yet we managed to overcome these new obstacles and get visas for our clients. We will share with you the lessons we’ve learned about the new H-1B landscape, discuss other recent developments in the field of work-based immigration and possible alternatives to H-1B, such as O-1, L-1, International Entrepreneur Parole, or permanent residence through PERM, national interest waiver or EB-1. We hope that our workshop will help you develop the best visa strategy for yourself or for your employees. *

* Attorney advertising, prior results do not guarantee success.

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