Ruby Tuesdays #46


Time for our monthly meetup and we're at another place that we've never been to :D:D The folks at Supahands are grateful enough to host us for the evening ~~!! Come chill & hang out while we share & learn something about Ruby ~~!!

Item #1 - Title TBA by Hassanin Ahmed
Item #2 - Supahands Tech Journey by Khaled Abbas
Item #3 - Cryptocurrency Exchange API Gem by TM Lee
Item #4 - Introduction to Push Notification by Johnson Lai
Item #5 - Upgrading to Rails 5 (API-only backends) by Breena
Item #6 - 5 Simple Ruby Tips (more explanation below)


Min 5 minutes, max 20 minutes presentations.

5 Simple Ruby Tips:
This is an open session where anyone can come up and share a quick tip about life, the universe and anything. So prepare beforehand and I'll ask for you to come up on stage when the session starts.

1) Come with your gear (it's a tech meetup).
2) Invite your all your #rubyfriends.
3) Talks start at 7.30pm sharp.
4) Food is served at 7.15pm. So please come earlier if you wanna eat.

Job Postings:
Let me know ...