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What we’re about

New Orleans Hack Night occurs around 7pm every Tuesday at The Rusty Nail. It's an unstructured, social meetup with no organizers and no agenda.

Join the Nola Devs Slack for more information. Feel free to ask questions about Hack Night in the #hacknight channel.


Who is welcome to Hack Night?

Hack Night is a meetup for the whole New Orleans tech community. Everyone is welcome.

I'm at Rusty Nail. Where do I go?

We typically convene on the street. If it's raining we may be inside or in the courtyard. We'll do our best to notice and greet you, but there is no hack night uniform. So if you see a group of nerds arguing in the street just ask "Is this Hack Night?" and they will greet you and introduce you to people.

People show up between 7 and 8. There is no actual start time.

What happens at Hack Night? Do y'all hack things?

We're aggressively unstructured, meaning that Hack Night is what you want it to be. It's a social time for some, a place to work for others. It's a great place to meet other tech-minded folk.

Are there presentations or subgroups?

We no longer have the same subgroup structure that existed before, but we are building back something similar. We now partner with groups that do presentations next door at The Shop and walk to Hack Night after:

  • First Tuesday - Below C Level (Systems Programming Meetup)
  • Last Tuesday - Agile Meetup

Can I get help on a project I'm working on?

Absolutely! Bring it on!

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