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What we’re about

What I have to know Ruby to join this group?

If you are interested in designing better software, you are welcome to join us. But you are expected to learn the basics of Ruby on your own if you don't already know a lot of Ruby.   

What is this group about? 

This group is for Ruby developers in San Francisco to come together, socialize, make new friends, improve their skills and discuss software designs and collaborate in projects. We welcome new and experienced software engineers alike. 

What activities should you expect?

• Social gatherings/happy hour for fellow Rubyists. 

• Ruby clinic/group code review on code samples of peers. 

• Discussion on design patterns. 

• Deep dive/case study of open source Ruby projects. 

• Work on open source libraries together.

• Discussion of Meta-programming Techniques and when to use them. 

• Sharing session from well-known Rubyists in San Francisco. 

• Tips on learning iOS, RubyMotion, Javascript frameworks, Node.js from a Ruby background.