Lights, Camera, Action Cable!

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If you're tired of poking web servers to get an update on their status then this month's Ruby Ireland meetup will come as a welcome relief. "Don't call us, we'll you!" is the mantra of a new class of cheeky web servers that like nothing more than to talk back. We're going to learn how Rails fits into this brave new world...

Action Cable - Where WebSockets Meet Rails Magic by Máté Marjai ( - Rails 5 is all shiny and new! And with that came Action Cable - a nice extra on top of a ton of updates. Now, adding WebSockets to your Rails app just became easier and simpler than before In this talk, Máté from The Payment Works will walk us through a few practical examples of WebSocket usage, where you can make simple improvements on your UI with minimal impact on your application. No chat room demos, we promise!

The Pragmatic Programmer Tip #22: Use a Single Editor Well by Patrick Davey ( - A good development setup is a bit like running a newspaper - one of the most important things is the editor! Patrick will guide us through customising your development environment - with a focus on Vim. So there'll be plugins and dotfiles aplenty.

If you want to take part with a talk of your own in future, even a short one, please submit it here (

Note: Doors open at 6:30pm (note: this 30 mins later than for previous meetups).

Thanks to Zendesk ( for hosting us along with sponsoring the food and drinks.

And also thanks to JetBrains ( for the RubyMine IDE licence prizes.

Minimum age limit to attend is 18 years.