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“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” —Dean Karnazes

This is a group for anyone who loves to run, wants to run, hates to run but wants to get fit, or even that person who just wants to pretend to convince themselves they're going to go running but never actually signs up for an event (baby steps). All skill levels welcome. If you would like to host runs, private message me! (Some of the group runs I may not be present at, but they always have a strong group of friendly runners willing to welcome you into the fold:)



Be kind.

Be respectful.

Be inclusive.



By joining the Run Wilmington Meetup Group, members understand and agree participation in all events is voluntary and they are responsible for their guests at all group events. Members and guests hereby release and hold harmless the event organizer, co-organizer(s), successors, etc. of any and all liability claims, damages, actions and causes of action whatsoever on account of any loss, damage or injury to person (including death) or any other loss or inconvenience whatsoever, suffered by them at any time hereafter arising out of their voluntary participation in any event. Members and guests acknowledge they are aware of the risks inherent in participating in any physical activities and certify that they are physically fit, have not been otherwise informed by any physician and know of no restrictions imposed on them by any physician that would in any way prevent them from actively participating in any event in which they choose to participate.

Upcoming events (5)

Hill Runs with the Wilmington RoadRunners

Waterline Brewing Co.

Downtown hilly run
4-6 miles
Every Tuesday

Be sure to check the website for any changes to this event!

WBC Choose Your Adventure Run

Wilmington Brewing Company

Join the Wilmington Brewing Company runners every Tuesday (rain or shine) @6:30p.m. for a choose-your-adventure run, where you can choose from a 1, 2, 3, or 4 mile run, jog, or walk.

Meet @WBC @6:30PM
Beers after (optional)

*This group run is hosted by a local Usain Bolt named Chris and usually has 20 attendees.*

**This group event is great for those just getting (back) into running, as they have several walkers and light joggers.*

Be sure to check the website for any changes to this event!

Waterman's Hump Day Pub Run

Waterman's Brewing

Join the Waterman's Brewing Company runners every Wednesday @6p.m. for a 2-5 mile run/jog.

Meet at Waterman's @6PM
Beers after (optional)
*1/2 price app or sandwich; $3 pints

Be sure to check the website for any changes to this event!

FMB Ride & Run

Location visible to members

Join the Flying Machine Brewing runners every Wednesday @6:30PM for a 10-mile group ride OR 1 to 5 mile group run. Beers after. (Arrive early to check in!) After five verified Ride & Runs, you get a FREE T-shirt!

*This group run is hosted by Omega Sports and Two Wheeler Dealer and usually has 20+ attendees.*

Be sure to check the website for any changes to this event!

Past events (426)

Fleet Feet Fun Run

Fleet Feet

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