Elixir/Erlang vs Rust + Introduction to Rust (part 3)

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This will be in the main event space, enter through the Cafe and head left through the door in the black wall. Give me a call or SMS on 02040138555 if you have any questions.

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Elixir/Erlang vs Rust
by Steffan from Narrative.so
Come along to hear about Elixir/Erlang, a battle tested, concurrent language, and how it compares to Rust. Though they serve different needs Elixir and Rust share more in common than you might think, in this quick talk, we will talk about similarities, where they separate, and the trade-offs made by both languages.

Introduction to Rust part III
During this Meetup we will take give you an introduction to the Rust programming language. This will be ideal for programmers who are interested in Rust but never touched it, or only dabbled with it.

We will discuss the exercises from the first event. We will cover:
- Macros - what are they
- Closures
- Async/await
- Concurrency

This will be the third of three sessions. Each session will given like a lecture and some exercises will be given that can be completed in your own time. The meetup is two hours, but there will be time to meet others, an introduction and pizza.

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