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There is great promise for Rust on the web, and the community is quickly checking the boxes of with web frameworks like Iron, database drivers and ORMs like Diesel, JSON serialization with serde-json and websocket libraries etc.

Proper emscripten support (Rust compiled to Javascript, or rather asm.js) has been promised for "this summer" so we have a lot to look forward to in the world of front end Rust programming.

This evening is all about Rust on the web, almost anything goes: web sockets, front end Rust, rest api:s, html templating, or maybe you want to talk for 30 minutes about why Servo is awesome and what it means for developers. Let me know if you have an idea for a talk, or a demo. We'll aim for 2 or 3 talks this time.

Beyond the main talks we'll make room for lightning talks and shorter demos (5-10 minutes) at the end of the evening, where any topic goes as long as it's even remotely Rust related. ;)

If you have an idea for a longer presentation on something not related to Rust on the web let me know about that too, and we can plan around that for next meetup.


18:30 Time for beer, pizza and talking to people
18:45 First talk: Jan-Erik Rediger - Rust from the back to the front
19:15 Break
19:40 Second talk: Kristoffer Grönlund - Rust and openSUSE
20:10 More time for pizza and beer
20:40 Lightning talks (if there are any)