What we're about

* What neighborhoods are nice and safe?

* How much house can I afford?

* How do I choose a lender?

* How do I choose an agent?

* What's the market doing?

* I want privacy but not a lot of properties have it, how high can I build a fence? What are other ideas for privacy?

* How do I make offers competitive? (what are escalation clauses, waiving contingencies, letters to sellers)

* How do I find good contractors? Interior designers?

* How do I evaluate the cost of an addition? Adding a new room?

* How do I find out about restrictions like whether I can do Airbnb, etc?

* How do I find out about the properties around a home (e.g. could that empty lot next door turn into a pawn shop?)

neighborhoods? safety? offering? contractors? privacy? cost of additions? trends?

You will learn:⁠

✔️ Answers to these questions

✔️ Strategies to win⁠

✔️ Trends in Silicon Valley

This weekly webinar is for the new to seasoned real estate home shoppers and investors! ⁠Every Friday at 7pm, or book a private presentation direct with us...

Ryan Nickell & Tim Pasken

Top 1%, also Recognized "BEST OF ZILLOW"


Real Estate Experts

(408) 857-5153

Lic: 02013579

This presentation will heavily focus on the real estate market today, and the direction that our market is going so that you can make the right decisions for tomorrow. If you have questions about the real estate market, or questions about how to buy or sell a home or any real estate, then this seminar is for you!

What You Receive - Every session is free, educational, and will be led by a licensed Realtor/Broker/Attorney team with a Law Degree and Top 1% recognized by Zillow, also holding the coveted "BEST OF ZILLOW" distinction.

Our presenters, Ryan Nickell and Tim Pasken, has been active in the Silicon Valley real estate market for over a decade and they will teach you, from an educational perspective, how to buy, sell, and invest in real estate the way the experts do.

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